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Food is crucial to daily survival, impacts how we think and feel about the world around us, and has until recently been the center of cultural connection in families and communities. In today’s culture, our focus is pulled in so many directions that food has lost its priority in our lives. The concept of food has also changed in the last century, becoming increasingly complex and involved. It is not surprising that those of us who eat (all of us!) tend to think less and less about what we ingest. This should be concerning, because the very definition of food is being manipulated while we are distracted. When we do take note of an issue related to food that sparks our concern, its often difficult to orient that issue in relation to the larger multifaceted food system, causing frustration and subtly suppressing motivation to take action for improvement. Food is the most powerful tool we have to improving our life experiences, and the experiences of those around us. 

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