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Elementor #286

The End of Summer

The temperatures may not be cooling down as quickly as in previous years, but the length of day is shrinking which is a signal to all living things that the cycle of time moves on. Shorter days signal to all living things that rest, dormancy, and rebirth are the next phases to focus on. This shift means a natural change in diet, from the juicy and fresh fruits and vegetables of summer to the heartier vegetables of fall. Squashes, Brussel sprouts, potatoes, garlic, Swiss chard, and pumpkin – these seasonal foods provide specific nutrients that our bodies naturally recognized once upon a time. Nutrients that help us embrace and withstand the quiet calm of the coming seasons. Winter is still a couple of months out, but internally we must begin to slow down from the quickness and lightness of summer while we eat the bounty of the growing season. This is a time of joy and a time of preparation. 

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