Begin the season thinking like a plant

A couple of weeks ago I started trays of several hundred seedlings to be planted in my gardens and those of a few friends of mine. Starting the season with the intention of generosity and giving helps me connect with the plants and their generous nature. Whether they provide edible food or visual food, plants will provide for me in countless ways this season. I have my eye on the honeysuckle vines as they always flower first with their pretty pink and yellow flowers providing the bubble bees nutritional first aid after a long winter of dormancy. Still my work right now is in service of “the babies” as the seedlings are referred to. I don’t have a greenhouse so the babies get a sunny spot inside on cool days and when the weather looks warm enough, they go outside during the day to soak up the sun and become strong and healthy. I am sure to thank the babies every day because once they are planted in the ground they will grow fast and each begin to produce something for myself and my friends that nurtures us and keeps our families healthy. It is a circle of giving, of service to another, of connection in which everyone who eats and everyone who produces something to be eaten give and are given wholeness.

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